How To: Survive Your First Winter in the City

As a native Floridian, the winter has never been my friend. I didn’t know what to expect my first winter here and wasn’t super prepared. Luckily, I have now successfully survived three New York winters! So I’ve compiled a few tips here for clueless southerners like me.

01. Shop Sales

  • At the end of each season practically everything goes on sale! You should shop ahead of time so you’re prepared going into the season because winter staples, like snow boots, will sell out.

02. Outerwear

  • You absolutely must have a water resistant coat. Bonus points if it comes all the way down to your knees. I purchased mine online from Eddie Bauer and my roommate Kaleigh got hers from LL Bean. I love mine because the hood is detachable and the pockets are lined in faux fur.

  • Our first winter here Kaleigh and I each bought these light weight down filled BCBG coats from Nordstrom Rack in Florida. They were long and we thought we were all set. Nope. The first time it was cold and it rained we were completely soaked and freezing. I will never forget standing on the sidewalk outside of Madison Square Garden with Kaleigh, in the freezing rain, waiting for a bus to Boston. Looking back, it’s pretty funny how clueless we were!

03. Solid boots

  • Proper footwear is essential for navigating slushy winter streets. I have had to wade through giant puddles, stomp through snow drifts, and carefully walk over ice covered sidewalks on my way to work. Winter in this city can sometimes feel like the Hunger Games.

  • I have three pairs of weather boots: Hunter rain boots, LL Bean duck boots, and UGG water resistant riding boots. My first winter I wore the UGG boots literally every day. They were perfect for all the elements! Plus since they didn’t look like clunky snow boots, I am able to wear them out at night. (They're pictured in this post!)

  • Kaleigh owns Hunter and Sorell snow boots. She likes the Sorell snow boots and they definitely get the job done but they are very heavy. She doesn’t like wearing them for hours on end and says they feel like weights on her feet. So do your research before investing in boots! 

Styled by  LJ Wright

Styled by LJ Wright

04. Proper leggings

  • As a kid my mom had us layer long-johns under our jeans for warmth. I found this annoying and uncomfortable. The day I discovered thermal athletic leggings at Lulu Lemon my life changed. Now I happily wear leggings every single day during winter.

05. Fashion

  • If you can afford it, invest in a high quality classic wool coat. Our first winter Kaleigh and I felt kind of silly wearing our puffy coats out at night or to dressier events.

  • Gravitate towards the color black. Warm clothes and layering can feel awkward and look kind of crazy if you don’t do it right. Luckily, the color black is a great disguise and usually makes your outfit look sharp and pulled together. 

All images by  Laurel Creative

All images by Laurel Creative

Playing in Central Park after our first blizzard. Yes, I'm wearing a Harry Potter scarf. January 2015.

Playing in Central Park after our first blizzard. Yes, I'm wearing a Harry Potter scarf. January 2015.

Definetly had long-johns on under those jeans. 

Definetly had long-johns on under those jeans.